1 = measure, scale, metric.
Nota: Frecuentemente usado en el plural.
Ex. One measure of a library's market is the number of reference questions dealt with at the reference desk or through electronic reference.
Ex. The apparent size of the face is measured directly with a finely graduated scale and a magnifying glass.
Ex. The author outlines quantitative metrics that measure information technology productivity from the perspective of the overall rate of return to the organization.
* a medida = custom, bespoke.
* conseguir en gran medida + Infinitivo = go + a long way (towards/to/in) + Gerundio.
* considerar en su justa medida = see + in proportion.
* contribuir en gran medida a + Infinitivo = go + a long way (towards/to/in) + Gerundio, go far in + Gerundio, go far towards + Gerundio.
* en cierta medida = to some extent, to a certain extent, to some degree.
* en diferente medida = differing, in varying measures.
* en distinta medida = differing, in varying measures.
* en gran medida = by and large, extensively, greatly, heavily, largely, to a considerable extent, to a high degree, to a large extent, tremendously, vastly, very much, in no small way, to any great degree, in many ways, in large part, in large measure, in no small measure, to a great extent, to a large degree, to a great degree.
* en igual medida = similarly.
* en la medida de lo posible = so far as possible.
* en la medida en que = in that, so long as, to the extent that, insofar as [in so far as], to the degree that.
* en mayor medida = to a greater extent, to a greater degree, a fortiori, to a larger degree, to a larger extent.
* en mayor o menor medida = to a greater or lesser extent.
* hacer a medida = custom-make, make to + order.
* hacer a medida para satisfacer los requisitos = tailor to + meet the specification.
* hacerse a medida de una aplicación práctica concreta = tailor to + application.
* hecho a medida = customised [customized, -USA], purpose-designed, tailored, tailor-made [tailormade], custom-made, custom-built [custom built], custom-designed [custom designed], custom-tailored [custom tailored], bespoke, made to measure, fitted, made-to-order.
* influir en gran medida = become + a force.
* la medida en que = the extent to which.
* ley de pesos y medidas = weights and measures act.
* medida cuantitativa = quantitative measure.
* medida de productividad = output measure.
* medida de rendimiento = performance measure, output measure.
* medidas y colindancias = metes and bounds.
* sistema anglosajón de medidas = imperial measures.
* tener Algo hecho a la medida de uno = have + Nombre + cut out.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.